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Focus: Optical Fiber Modes Resist Deformations

June 21, 2021• Physics 14, 90 A machine-learning approach quickly characterizes an optical fiber, identifying transmission channels that aren’t affected by deformation. M. Matthès et al. [1] Fiber describer. Beams of spatially modulated light are sent through a multimode fiber.…

Synopsis: The Smallest Quantum Computer Yet

June 17, 2021• Physics 14, s73 A trapped-ion-based quantum computer that fits in two boxes, each the size of a studio apartment’s shower, can create a fully entangled 24-particle quantum state. I. Pogorelov et al. [1] I. Pogorelov et al.…

Viewpoint: When the Disorder is Just Right

Philip W. Phillips Physics Department, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL, USA June 14, 2021• Physics 14, 88 A new model suggests that disorder can be a crucial ingredient for producing non-Fermi-liquid behavior in a system of interacting fermions.…

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